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Why Pay When You Don’t Have To?

Purchasing new glasses is an important investment not only for your vision health, but for your personal style.  It is recommended to get your eyes tested every 2 years to make sure you have the correct prescription.  We recommend purchasing new glasses every two years to keep current with the latest eyewear trends.  Although most insurance companies cover vision care, the immediate out of pocket expense can sometimes be inconvenient.

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That is why we work directly with many of the insurance providers to provide a no money down service to our clients.  Contact us to find out if we can bill your insurance company directly, so there is no money out of your pocket.  After all, why pay for glasses when you don’t have to?

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Happy WorldPride Toronto!

How amazing is this city?!  120 LGBT couples tied the knot yesterday at the scenic Casa Loma, and all we can say is what a beautiful event!  And may we say a HUGE congratulations to all of the happy couples.


Pride in Toronto has always been something that we look forward to.  The atmosphere changes to absolute positivity, love, celebration and acceptance.  The city is packed full of fantastic events, parades and people.  We really can’t wait for the WorldPride Parade this Sunday!

The weather man says it’s going to be a beautiful sunny weekend and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest!  That is why we are offering the following promotion during WorldPride:

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Yes, you did read that correctly.  Stop by our downtown location and save $150 on all Ray-Ban sunglasses.  We carry all of the popular frames, including Wayfarer, Erika, Aviator, Clubmaster.

 Happy WorldPride Toronto! We hope to see you soon!